• ed3

    Living your dreams

  • ed2

    Self -Motivation

  • 1

    Self -belief

  • 2

    Clear goals

  • 3

    Passion for life

  • Basic CMYK

    Purposeful living

  • 5

    Re-inventing your future

  • 9

    Unlimited potential

  • 6
  • 7
  • Seeds of Growth


I will work to become the best I can be

– Maureen Gitau, Hospital Hill School, Class 8

Success is not for chosen few but it is for anyone who has chosen to succeed through determination and hard work

– Kelvin Thuku, Bavuni Secondary School, Form 4 East

I have leant that poverty starts in my mind

– Maryann Wanjiru, Limuko Primary School, Form 1

I have leant that is it not too late to succeed and from now onwards I have fallen in love with success

– Suezern Muiruri, Bavuni Secondary School Form 4 West

I am a winner and I will make it”

– Pauline Thumbi, Limuko Secondary School

I have the potential to do well and I am great despite my humble background. I am an eagle and I will fly high


As a girl, I did not believe that girls like me can grow to succeed in life and you have made me realize that everything is possible

– Ruth Wacuka, Bavuni Secondary School

“I can do it”

– Esther Mburu, Hospital Hill School, Class 7

I have decided to do away with negative thoughts that put me down because I have realized that this has been my greatest challenge”

– Margaret Gitau, Bavuni Secondary School

“I can grow to be all that I want to be regardless of my current status”

– Mary Mweru, Limuko Secondary School

“I am a winner not a looser”

– Loice Japhen Okumu, Hospital Hill School, Class 8

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