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    Living your dreams

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    Self -Motivation

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    Self -belief

  • 2

    Clear goals

  • 3

    Passion for life

  • Basic CMYK

    Purposeful living

  • 5

    Re-inventing your future

  • 9

    Unlimited potential

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  • Seeds of Growth

Employee Motivation Programme

We at Big Leap  believe that employees who do not understand their purpose cannot deliver an organization’s mission. Equally, employees who do not love their job can be a major hindrance to your organizations productivity and bottom-line.

Our Workplace Motivation Programme is designed to help your employees understand their passion and how they can leverage that passion for their advantage and that of the organization. This Two-day programme aims that helping employees discover who they are, their passions, their untapped potential, their work beliefs, their motivation for work, their goals in life and how they can partner with the organization to live fulfilled lives.
This is a worthy investment for every high-performing organization.

Email us on info@bigleapinternational.co.ke to make an enquiry

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