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Category: Blog

Small is King

We all would like to make huge leaps in the direction of our dreams. We would love to wake up one day and do something phenomenal and in return speed bullet in our progress path. For example, many of us would like to exercise for a week or take a magic pill and enjoy the benefits that would come with dropping a couple of pounds in body weight.

While we all want positive results quickly if not urgently, it is educative upon us to realise that results either positive or negative accumulate with time based on our habits or our everyday actions or inactions. If you save and invest one hundred shillings (one dollar) a day in five years, it will have accumulated to something significant, On the reverse side, if you neglect your health or relationships for five years, there will be negative accumulation which will take time and effort to reverse.

My submission is that for progress, it is the small but consistent actions that count most. Don’t wait to make the magical big leap. Purpose to do three things everyday towards your key goals however small and you will realise the magic of small consistent actions. With time, you will gather the courage to take bigger risks once you realise the positive results that you are getting.

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In fast paced life, it is possible to find ourselves ever running up and down. Chasing after this and that as we try to meet the various demands of life. At the end of the day, we are totally overwhelmed and exhausted yearning for a good night rest. Interestingly, our sleep does not seem to re-energise our minds and body in the way that we would expect. Do you go to bed and wake up even more exhausted than before to start another day of helter and skelter? You are not alone. It is possible to turn and toss in your bed thinking of things that you did not accomplish in the day, deadlines at work and then worry of those that must be done tomorrow.

Making some time to reflect and meditate is food for the soul. Assessing your life and all the things that you can do to make it worth your while is important. Creating your boundaries as to what is important and planning your time to keep those first place is paramount. Decongesting your life from clatter and unnecessary activities is essential. Saying NO to things and people that have no value addition will serve you a lot better. Being mindful of your needs as different from other people’s needs requires some soul searching.

My take is that a moment of meditation in complete silence helps you to rejuvenate towards your better self. Take time to sit in silence amidst all the noise, to breathe in some fresh air, to watch a sunset and realise how connecting with your inner self can enrich your life going forward.

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Break Free From Fear!

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Fear is such a hindrance to progress. Despite the potential that we were all created with, our mind has a way of coming in the way of our progress. The sheer thought that what we start will fail and the embarrassment that will ensue after that is enough for one to hold back. Like prisoners we remain captive never really gathering the courage to act in the direction of our dreams. We resort to doing small things that just seem to maintain our life as it is. Even when we marshal our courage and start something, we do it with hesitation and doubt and when it fails, our mind confirms our initial fears. And so we quickly recoil and give up on our life changing dreams.

The good news is that some of the fears we have are just a twist of our imagination. The better news is that our best selves resides on the other side of fear. Whilst you may work out for a while before you register significant progress or while you may take long before you establish your business, breaking free from fear gives you the much needed impetus to start. With a strong belief that better things are possible, you can wake up every day and give it a shot.

The challenge for you today is for you to assess your fears? Which are they and how have they stopped you from pursuing your dreams? Then cultivate a new spirit and mind-set to overcome that fear by first believing in yourself and secondly in the possibilities of life. Dare to do something that you are afraid of everyday and see what happens. With time, you will no longer be a prisoner of that fear.

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MAKE IT HAPPEN SERIES! – Procrastination

Mukami lifebytes


We all want to do better in all our spheres of life. We want to be in better financial position, experience better state of health and well-being, have better relationships and even prosper in our careers and businesses. Some of us have even gone a step further to define in clear and specific terms what results we want to achieve in these areas which is commendable. Quantifying our goals makes them more achievable. The good news is that every human being is capable of working towards progress and development. The better news is that examples abound in our local communities and globally of men and women who started from bottom low and worked themselves resiliently to the top and you too can do the same.

Welcome to the MAKE IT HAPPEN SERIES. This is a series of tips, thoughts, inspirations, ideas and guiding insights towards supporting your journey to achieving your goals and succeeding exponentially in whichever area that you desire to succeed in.

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The tendency to put on hold things that we know too well we must do is common to most of us. Because our brain is wired to keep us safe in our comfort zone, we fear to tackle our goals simply because they require us to move out of familiar grounds. We keep telling ourselves that we shall start tomorrow when we are ready enough. Unfortunately tomorrow translates into next week, next month, next year and we never really push ourselves to get started particularly on our life changing goals. The interesting thing is that we have all sorts of reasons to explain our inaction. We say things like, “I will start the business as soon as I have enough money,” “ I will exercise as soon as I enrol into a gym or when my work schedule eases,” “I will save money as soon as I have a pay increment.” Genuine as these and many more reasons may sound, our wait for a perfect moment to start only denies us the very opportunity to progress.

The challenge for you today is to list three things that you can start doing today which can fundamentally change the quality of your life. Start working on them, by doing something daily albeit small. With time, you will gain momentum, adjust what is not working and ultimately you will start reaping the results that you so much desire. Don’t wait for things or circumstances to be perfect, with the plan that you already have for your life, just start today and learn as you go.

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