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Your Habits and Your Standards

wordTony Robins, one of the greatest American motivational speakers says that you are a reflection of your habits and standards. I totally agree. By just looking at somebody, you are immediately able to tell whether they keep to a health regime or not. When you interact with them, you are able to tell whether they are positive or not and the kind of standards they have set for themselves in various spheres of their lives. I bet you know people who are always late for meetings. Whereas they may have excuses each time, one is able to quickly tell that they have a problem with time management and personal effectiveness.

Did you know that you can change your life drastically by changing your habits? Let’s take an example. Supposing you wake up one hour earlier and committed that hour to personal improvement activities like exercising or reading personal improvement books, in no time, you will be a rejuvenated person. Supposing you devoted some of your TV time to similar or related activities?  Supposing you further became consistent in doing that? In a few months, you will have gained health and improved your life.

Take a stock of your habits today and make a decision and commitment to become a better person. As for your standards, always rethink any time you are about to settle for mediocrity and raise the bar towards excellence.

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By Khami Chege

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