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Your Wheel of Life

wheelSometimes ago I encountered this powerful tool that can give you a wake-up call in regards to how you are progressing in various aspects of your life. It is called the wheel of life. At Big Leap International, we believe that real success comes with happiness and a healthy balance. For example, if you accumulate lots of financial wealth and your health and relationships are in a rocky place, chances are that you will not happy. Likewise if your financial position is in red, you might not be able to deliver the quality of life that you would wish for yourself and your family.

The wheel of life is a powerful tool that can give you an indication on how you are doing and whether or not your life has the much needed balance. It requires that you fill in the critical areas that you deem important in your life such as health, family, wealth, relationships, Spiritual health, career, self-esteem e.t.c. On a scale of one to ten, you are required to mark your score on the areas just mentioned. For example, on matters of health, what rating would you give yourself on a scale of one to ten? Once you have marked your score, you are required to connect all the dots. The image you get is a good indication of your life and the kind of balance that you have.

From this, you can tell immediately the areas that you have neglected hence need to improve on.

Click here to download the wheel of life


By Khami Chege



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