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Thoughts and Words are Things

winningtheracesilhouetteRecently I watched a news items that got my attention. It went on to validate that ‘thought are things’. The items was about some two graduates who are now working as guards having failed to get jobs that are in line with their degree training.  One of them said, “my ambition was just to work in either a financial institution or anything dealing with my area BUT IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE”. He further added “I had to take it (The guard job) because I HAD NO OPTION….. Getting a job is NOT THAT EASY.

Just listening to these words, I sympathized with these two gentlemen on two counts. Firstly, that despite their degree qualification they have settled for lower cadre jobs that do not require much training and secondly and probably the most important that their words powerfully conveyed the eye through which they looked at life. Words are certainly powerful. When you say something it impossible, then impossibility becomes your reality. If you believe that you have no options, then it becomes very difficult for you to see options.

This is not an attempt to disregard the professional choices made by the two graduate guards. Neither is it an attempt to underrate their effort to search for job opportunities. Far from the truth.  In fact with a very competitive market place and so many graduates seeking job opportunities, getting a job is not a walk in the park. I believe that want distinguishes between those who get those opportunities or create opportunities and those who settle for jobs so that they can pay their bills lies largely in ones belief system or simply put philosophy. If you want to be a winner, you must continuously sell to yourself thoughts such as, “it is possible to make it”. You must believe that out there lies an opportunity created for you to exploit your talents and potential and more opportunity you must seek that opportunity without wavering or quitting. Words have profound power.  What you say is impossible is surely impossible and what you say is possible will become possible.

Just like an athlete who envisions himself at the podium receiving a gold medal at the Olympics long before the Olympic Games, you too should see yourself having achieved your goals. If your goal is to get the corner office then you should see yourself in the corner office. If your ambition is to start a business, then you should see the business empire as already done. The clearer the vision, the more the enthusiasm to seek it regardless of the challenges.

Today, I challenge you to watch your tongue. Say only those things that motivate you to achieve your dreams. Napoleon Bonaparte says “Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools.” Words are expressions of your deeper convictions. They explain your inner world and the same is a reflection of your outer world. Words explain your beliefs, your inner thoughts and feelings and generally your philosophy. They are the roots that feed the fruits in your life. If you do not like the results (fruits) that you are getting in your life, it is time you interrogate your roots.

It is only a change of what is inside that you can change what is on the outside.


By Khami Chege

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