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    Living your dreams

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    Self -belief

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    Clear goals

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    Passion for life

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    Purposeful living

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    Re-inventing your future

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    Unlimited potential

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The Tragedy of Life

beFor a long time I had harbored the great desire of helping people and organizations to succeed in achieving their goals. My greatest hindrance has been procrastination and disempowering beliefs. For the longest time I listened to the small voices coming between me and my passion. The good news is that my burning desire to inspire people to success finally carried the day. I believe that I have not been alone. Every time I talk to people, they always seem to have these grand plans for the future but they never really seem to get started and those who start will always have a challenge keeping the momentum or staying focused.

It is said that the greatest tragedy in life is for one to die with unrealized dreams. It is also said that the cemetery is the richest place on earth because there in lies poems that were never recited, books that were never written, music that was never composed, feelings were never expressed and talents that were never exploited.

My challenge to you today is that you take an audit of your life by asking yourself the following fundamental questions:

  1. What are your dreams?
  2. Are you living your passion?
  3. What is the greatest hindrance to living a life of your dreams?
  4. How would you want to be remembered?
  5. Are you willing to make massive changes so as to realize your dreams?


By Khami Chege

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