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    Re-inventing your future

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    Unlimited potential

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Small is King

We all would like to make huge leaps in the direction of our dreams. We would love to wake up one day and do something phenomenal and in return speed bullet in our progress path. For example, many of us would like to exercise for a week or take a magic pill and enjoy the benefits that would come with dropping a couple of pounds in body weight.

While we all want positive results quickly if not urgently, it is educative upon us to realise that results either positive or negative accumulate with time based on our habits or our everyday actions or inactions. If you save and invest one hundred shillings (one dollar) a day in five years, it will have accumulated to something significant, On the reverse side, if you neglect your health or relationships for five years, there will be negative accumulation which will take time and effort to reverse.

My submission is that for progress, it is the small but consistent actions that count most. Don’t wait to make the magical big leap. Purpose to do three things everyday towards your key goals however small and you will realise the magic of small consistent actions. With time, you will gather the courage to take bigger risks once you realise the positive results that you are getting.

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