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Mukami lifebytes3

In fast paced life, it is possible to find ourselves ever running up and down. Chasing after this and that as we try to meet the various demands of life. At the end of the day, we are totally overwhelmed and exhausted yearning for a good night rest. Interestingly, our sleep does not seem to re-energise our minds and body in the way that we would expect. Do you go to bed and wake up even more exhausted than before to start another day of helter and skelter? You are not alone. It is possible to turn and toss in your bed thinking of things that you did not accomplish in the day, deadlines at work and then worry of those that must be done tomorrow.

Making some time to reflect and meditate is food for the soul. Assessing your life and all the things that you can do to make it worth your while is important. Creating your boundaries as to what is important and planning your time to keep those first place is paramount. Decongesting your life from clatter and unnecessary activities is essential. Saying NO to things and people that have no value addition will serve you a lot better. Being mindful of your needs as different from other people’s needs requires some soul searching.

My take is that a moment of meditation in complete silence helps you to rejuvenate towards your better self. Take time to sit in silence amidst all the noise, to breathe in some fresh air, to watch a sunset and realise how connecting with your inner self can enrich your life going forward.

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