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Healing from Past Burdens

Mukami lifebytes5
At one point in our lives, we go through painful experiences. People hurt us, our relationships dim, a promising business venture goes under or our career stagnates. Sometimes we do things that we regret, hurt other people or even say things that we wish we could recall. Often times, we procrastinate on opportunities and they slide by making us regret why we did not grasp them. We lie or even cheat to cover our backs. We get disappointed even as we disappoint ourselves and others. While we all would love to have clean closets with no bones in them, the truth is they do exist and sometimes their bad smell linger for a while. Simply put, we make many mistakes and we fall short.

This is an invitation to healing. The truth of the matter is that apart from taking responsibility and apologising to ourselves and others, the past remains a school where we can draw lessons both positive and negative. In order to appreciate the present and take advantage of the future and the great fortunes that they both portend for us, we must constantly seek to heal from our past burdens and pains.

Healing is not about pretending that the past did not happen rather it is about embracing ourselves and working towards a better quality of life into the future for ourselves and those around us. Healing is knowing that the past is part of our story and leverage that to make us stronger and wiser rather than condemn us to lifelong shame and guilt!

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