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Give the Law of Least Effort a Chance

ant pushingRecently I have been struggling. With so much on my hands, my work has been nothing but interesting leaving me all drained and edgy. In a bid to seek answers and probably to calm my nerves, I have been listening to an audio on Effortless Success – Living the Law of Attraction by Jack Canfield. I must admit that there is so much out there to learn and one needs to seek it and they will definitely find it. The things that Jack discusses in this audio are just amazing. However there is one thing that strikes me – the Deepak Chopra -The Law of Least Effort.

In my stressed and edgy state, I bet you understand why the law of least effort hits me. I feel like I have been pushing a grind wheel that is not oiled. I have been going against the grain. I have been complaining lot, blaming other people for what is happening and generally seeing more negative than positive things around me. From what Jack explains life was meant to be fun and effortless. That sounds like nothing in my life at the moment. After the tape, I decide to further understand what the law of least effort is all about. I find so much literature on it and I am glad to share some of the wisdom I have gathered should you be going through a wintery season in your life.

The Law of Least Effort is the fourth spiritual law of success by Deepak Chopra. The other six laws are equally interesting and thought provoking. You may what to check them out. The Law of Least Effort is based on the fact that “nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease, with care-freeness, harmony, and love”. This is the principle of “Do less, and accomplish more.”  As I consume this information, I am telling myself ‘That sounds weird”. But it is the examples given to illustrate this law that make sense to me and bring the answers that I have been looking for. That grass doesn’t struggle to grow; it just grows. Fish don’t struggle to swim; they just swim. The sun just shines, the moon and the stars just glow in the night. Nature seems always in harmony with every aspect totally in sync within the big agenda. I definitely want to be in that place of harmony, of being in sync and without struggle. So what should I do? The law offers answers galore.

The law explains that when our actions are not motivated by love then there is lack of harmony. “When we seek power and control over other people, we spend energy in a wasteful way. When we seek money for personal gain only, we cut off the flow of energy to ourselves, and interfere with the expression of nature’s intelligence. We waste our energy chasing the illusion of happiness, instead of enjoying happiness in the moment. Attention to the whims of the ego consumes the greatest amount of energy. But when our internal reference point is our spirit, our actions are motivated by love, and there is no waste of energy”. Now that is huge for me.

I sink into my couch and start thinking of the difficulties that I have had in the recent past. It suddenly occurs to me that while I did not choose to deliberately act without love, it becomes apparent that the feelings and emotions that I have been carrying have been weighing me down. I have been pushing to have my way of thinking, critising others blaming them and generally getting aggravated when things do not turn the way I want. “So how can I put the Law of Least Effort into action”? I ask curiously. The law says that there are three things you can do. The first thing is to accept people, situations, and events as they are, not as you wish they were, in this moment. “This moment is as it should be, because it took the entire universe to make this moment. When you struggle against this moment, you struggle against the entire universe. You can intend for things to be different in the future, but in this moment, accept things as they are”.

“The second thing is to take responsibility for your situation and for all the events you see as problems. This means not blaming anyone or anything for your situation, including yourself. Responsibility means the ability to have a creative response to the situation as it is now. All problems contain the seeds of opportunity, and this awareness allows you to take the moment and transform it into a better situation”.“If you do this, every upsetting situation becomes an opportunity for the creation of something new and beautiful; every tormentor or tyrant becomes your teacher. The relationships you have attracted in your life are precisely the ones you need at this moment; there is a hidden meaning behind all events that is serving your own evolution. And if you choose to interpret reality in this way, then you will have many teachers and many opportunities to evolve”.

“A third way to put the Law of Least Effort into action is to practice defenselessness. This means relinquishing the need to convince others of your point of view. By doing this, you gain access to enormous amounts of energy that have previously been wasted”.

Now I understand so many things that have been weighing me down. I have playing defence, fighting and resisting and failing to fully experience the present, which is a gift. The law says, “As you drop the burden of defensiveness and resentment, you become lighthearted, joyous, and free. In this joyful, simple freedom, you will know that what you want is available to you whenever you want it, because your want is coming from a state of happiness, not from a state of anxiety and fear”.

All I can say is Yeah. I now have an opportunity to look at life situations from a different light. To learn from every circumstance and evolve to be a better and bigger person.  So can you.


By Khami Chege

Excepts and quotes from http://www.awaken.com/2013/09/deepak-chopra-the-law-of-least-effort-2/

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