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Feel the fear but don’t stop!

Mukami lifebytes8

To fear is to human. The natural instinct to run away from discomfort or pain is the brains way of protecting us from danger. There is no way of growing that is not accompanied by some form of discomfort or another. Growth demands that we go to places that we have not gone before, meet people that we have not met, do new things, embrace new perspectives, acquire new knowledge, break barriers, shift attitudes and basically get disrupted in more ways than one.

All these things are uncomfortable to do especially when we are doing them for the first time. Change is never easy. The fear of the unknown can make one stuck to what is familiar sometimes even when it is absurd. Think of a mugger who wakes up every day scheming and conniving on how to rob people of their hard-earned money. Think of a prostitute waking up every day to his or her trade mostly because that is what is known and familiar to him or her. Think of yourself waking up every day to a job that you don’t like or staying in an abusive relationship. I am not being judgemental but isn’t insanity doing the same things and expecting different results?

My prayer today is that you will choose to feel the fear but still push to do the things that you must do to achieve your goals. Go ahead and make that call to pitch your business, ask for a promotion, apply for a new job or bid for a tender, ask for help, speak your mind, preach in church, start a business, invest your savings, write a book, start your health regimen, take an HIV test or a pap smear, speak in public, propose a marriage or open the dance-floor. All these things will feel awkward the first time that you do them but soon or later they will be no big deal.
Research done shows that only 8 percent of our worries are worth our while. A whopping 92%t are pure fog with no substance at all.

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