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Discipline for Successful Life

successAt Big Leap International, we believe that between where you are and where you want to be lies discipline. Discipline is the consistent follow-through that one must apply on their goals to succeed.

Fathom this, you start the year with alot of enthusiasm. You develop a list of resolutions and you are rearing to go. Then as the year rolls on, the fire starts waning, you are doing less and less of what you committed to do at the beginning of the year. By mid-year, you forget you had resolutions in the first place.

At the close of the year, you casually run through some of your achievements and you tell yourself that you did well considering the challenges in the year. But deep down you know that you ought to have done more but since it is only you who knows what you committed to, you tell yourself, what the heck! I will try to do better in the coming year. In the following year, you do the same thing and of course the results are the same. Then you sit and wonder how comes I am not making much progress in my life. I am very sure that this story is very familiar.

The main challenge of achieving your goals is the discipline and commitment to stay on course regardless of the challenges that you encounter. That you commit to saving every month even when there is temptation not to. That you keep to your exercise routine even when you do not feel like it. Small disciplines everyday lead to habits and eventually becomes your character. If you commit to waking up at 5am and then spending time working out or reading some inspirational material, and then do it, in a month or so, your body will naturally be awake at that time and the struggle of waking up early will be over. The key is starting small and being consistent.

Click here if you would like us to send you a customizable daily tracker that can assist you develop the necessary discipline to achieve a successful life.

Here is a list of positive habits for a successful life

  1. Saying no to TV: If you watch TV for an average of two hours a day, in a week, that will be 14 hours. In a month that will be 420 hours and in a year 5040 hours. Let’s assume that you earn KES.500 ($6) in an hour, you will have wasted time worth KSH. 2,520,000.($30,000) . This alone should be a wake-up call if not a turning point
  2. Eating healthy – You are what you eat. A diet full of fresh vegetables and fruits is critical for a healthy body. Drinking lots of water and shunning sugar, fats and salt in your diet can be a great boost to a healthy lifestyle. Five small portions of food is always recommended.
  3. Maintaining an exercise regimen: Exercises give your body the much needed energy and makes your mind stay alert. It is time to stop making excuses. Get moving.
  4. Positive thinking: Positive thoughts give you an uplift and keeps you energized for great possibilities. Negative thoughts and people leave you drained.
  5. Meditation: Reflecting on your days activities every evening can be very rewarding especially if you do it  as part of your continuous improvement (Kaizen) programme
  6. Reading personal improvement and inspirational books – There is a lot of wisdom wrapped up in books and online that there is literary no excuse for ignorance in any field. Successful people make time to increase their stock of knowledge. I have put together for you a list of must-read books that can get you started on this.


By Khami Chege

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