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Break Free From Fear!

Mukami lifebytes2

Fear is such a hindrance to progress. Despite the potential that we were all created with, our mind has a way of coming in the way of our progress. The sheer thought that what we start will fail and the embarrassment that will ensue after that is enough for one to hold back. Like prisoners we remain captive never really gathering the courage to act in the direction of our dreams. We resort to doing small things that just seem to maintain our life as it is. Even when we marshal our courage and start something, we do it with hesitation and doubt and when it fails, our mind confirms our initial fears. And so we quickly recoil and give up on our life changing dreams.

The good news is that some of the fears we have are just a twist of our imagination. The better news is that our best selves resides on the other side of fear. Whilst you may work out for a while before you register significant progress or while you may take long before you establish your business, breaking free from fear gives you the much needed impetus to start. With a strong belief that better things are possible, you can wake up every day and give it a shot.

The challenge for you today is for you to assess your fears? Which are they and how have they stopped you from pursuing your dreams? Then cultivate a new spirit and mind-set to overcome that fear by first believing in yourself and secondly in the possibilities of life. Dare to do something that you are afraid of everyday and see what happens. With time, you will no longer be a prisoner of that fear.

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