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    Living your dreams

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    Self -Motivation

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    Self -belief

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    Clear goals

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    Passion for life

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    Purposeful living

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    Re-inventing your future

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    Unlimited potential

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  • Seeds of Growth


Big Leap International is an empowerment and personal development company that offers personal and workplace success solutions. Our personal development solutions are designed to transform people to achieve greater personal success and live fuller lives. Our aim is to help you understand your purpose and unleash your potential to live a life of your dreams.

Show Up!

“People say they want to achieve things, but then don’t show up for the things that would help them get there. They want to be writers, but don’t show up at the word processor. They want to own a business, but they don’t show up for the educational seminar. They want to be actors, but […]
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A call to LOVE and not to JUDGE!!!

After a lot of effort in putting together this huge meeting for managers and leaders, the conference finally kicked off in this beautiful Naivasha resort. Day one was great and as the Moderator, my team and I were delighted that the delegates appreciated the great minds that we had invited. The conversation was fresh, inspiring […]
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Thoughts are Things

Recently I watched a news items that got my attention. It went on to validate that ‘thought are things’. The items was about some two graduates who are now working as guards having failed to get jobs that are in line with their degree training.  One of them said, “my ambition was just to work […]
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How far would you go to get a life of your dreams?

How far would you go to get a life of your dreams? Lessons from witness 604 Just to what extent would you go to achieve a life of your dreams? “The whole hog of course,” you might say. What if this extent requires that you compromise on your integrity, would it still be a worthy […]
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